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Types of Translation

  1. General Translation

    It is the modest form of translations services. While carrying out general translation jobs, one should keep the level of language on the lower side so that even a layman can connect to the context. Use of any technical or specific terminology is avoided. Most of the translations are carried out as a General translation. Also, the translator need not have perfect domain knowledge or certain experience in the subject field. But surely, a quality and effective translator should be hired to perform the job. Few examples of General Translation are travelogues, news articles, job applications and private or business letters.
  2. Legal Translation

    Legal translations are the complex and expertise demanding translations services. It simply means translating the legal documents such ascontracts, statutes, treaties, and certifications. A legal translation will always require the attention of an expert. This is because of the reason that law completely depends on culture. It demands a professional translator having exceptional understanding of both the cultures.This kind of translation jobs does not have any margin for error. The results could be disastrous even if a portion of a passage in a contract would mistranslate.
  3. Software Translation

    Software Translation or localization is converting the complete software including text, colors, and images as per the targeted locale and language. It includes translation of every related aspect like code, UI, design, manual etc. Some Softwares support multiple languages on a single click. This happens only after software translation is done before hand.
  4. Medical translation

    Any medical related translation comes under Medical translation services.It ranges from manuals for medical equipment to medical books to the packaging of medicine. Medical translation also demands proper expertise to perform the job and mistranslation of a single phrase can have great significance.
  5. Website Translation

    This service belongs to translating the content of a website for a specific locale. This is similar to Software translation where one needs to consider the culture of targeted locale. It also includes translating the color and images along with the text. This is very important for someone looking to take their business on the global platform.
  6. Project Translation

    Project Translation services offer to translate everything related to a complete project. It may include translating all the legal documents, their business website, their software, their marketing material etc. It is important for a brand planning to launch their product in a new market.

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