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We deal in translation services for various languages into English and other Indian languages and vice-verse. Our projects are of excellent quality and we focus on quick delivery. We offer these services on general as well as technical topics. With the qualifications and experience, our team is excellent in handling a wide variety of projects, including engineering, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and more. Your project will be handled by the experienced linguists having proficiency in the relevant domain. Our team consists of native speakers as well. We also take into account other factors as well. For example, if the documents have to do with engineering and automation models, in such a case, we will assign you a translator having engineering background for the job done.


Our translators will coordinate with you to know about your exact expectation for your translations job. The Translator will then translate the script. That way, we can ensure that the deliverable is relevant to you. These documents will be most accurate because the text will be re-checked by a team member before it will be handed over to you. This team member will be surely someone other than the original translator. Repeated verification and proof-reading are carried out for punctuation, lexicon, content etc. This is done in order to ensure that the document is fully reliable. This level of quality checks guarantees the satisfaction of our clients with our work.



Principally, the quality of translation is maintained by following a proper checklist during the entire process. We also take into interpretation any personal preferences that you might have, as well as the linguistic deviations within the documents itself.


We understand that the translated document has to make sense to your target audience.We make sure that the intent should not get changed due to translation activity. There is no point in translating a document word to word which lost the very sense of the text. We also avoidany unintentional gaffes as well. The end result is a polished and graceful word-perfect document that you can proudly present to your team or clients.


You can contact us for all your translation related needs. Be assured about the confidentiality of your documents with us. You will receive your translated work perfectly done and within defined timelines. We do not believe that doing an exceptional job demands exceptionally long timelines for execution!
We provide these services at extremely cost-effective prices.


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We are capable of serving you for all your language requirements. Rus Consultants offers professional and affordable translation services in a wide range of Indian as well as foreign languages. You may rely on our most qualified and trained translator. You’ll be satisfied with accurate and high-quality services within a defined time frame.