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We at Rus Consultants offer proofreading services as well. If you have documents that have been translated by a third independent party, and you are not sure about the quality of the work, then we can proofread the articles for you.


Most people opt for computerized programs to translate their documents. However this kind of word to word translation often only does half the job. Proper nouns become verbs, adjectives which are appropriate in one language become inappropriate in another and so on. With a software translation of documents, there are chances of error in actually ‘understanding’ the document.



A lot has to be understood about translations, some languages read from right to left and others from top to bottom and so on. These factors also have to be considered while doing translations, but often are not. Also, words need to be read properly in their context and meaning of certain words derived from the accompanying words. The document has to be translated in a manner that the one who is to read it, gets the gist within the first few minutes. In badly done translations, all this is not checked for and can lead to embarrassing situations.



Thus before you present a document to a client or a guest, you might like to get it proofread and corrected. We can also ensure that the final document is presented in a pleasing manner to your client. Besides removing the most obvious errors, we will polish your work and submit it to you for your final approval.


It has been noted that even small errors like spelling mistakes have been enough to turn people off. And these can really be a problem in translated documents. Also, some sentences can be misleading or there can be imprecision. Language is a method to communicate, and each language can, depending on the culture, have multiple interpretations for the same combination of words.


Also, in the case of translation of technical documents greater care needs to be taken. We provide you with translators who have experience in your technical field to handle your proofreading. This way the accuracy of the document can be verified and the technical explanations can be checked to ensure that there are no errors. We employ native speakers for the particular language the translation or document might be in. This way, we are able to gauge as to whether the document is effective enough. A document might be passable, but people connect strongly with documents and papers that are written keeping them in mind. Having someone from a similar cultural background can make all the difference between a ‘readable’ and a ‘brilliant’ presentation.



Having your document proofread by our talented and experienced translators and interpreters can be a good investment for your company. First impressions are lasting they say, and when you are presenting documents to your foreign clients, you want the first impression to be a good one. We assure you of speedy results and delivery.



Benefits of hiring us for Proofreading


  • We always avoid the use of software for proof-reading.
  • A Proper understanding of dialects of each and every language.
  • We have technical staff as well to take care of your highly technical documents.
  • We employ translators, interpreters and native speakers to provide you a top notch experience.
  • We highly emphasise on grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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