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After years of experience in the field of translating and interpreting all Indian and Foreign Languages across a diverse variety of industries, we mainly offers:


  • Translation Services:

    Rus Consultants 1. has a team of qualified translators in all the foreign and Indian languages. Their services can be utilized for translating written text and documents from English to Foreign languages and vice-versa; and Hindi to Indian Languages and vice-versa. We undertake translation jobs related to a wide variety of documents related to Marketing, Advertising, Export-Import Documentation, Medicine, Law, Environment, Social Projects, Machinery, Politics, Tele Communication, Policies, Culture and Economy etc. We handle all documents with total secrecy. We respect the trust you place on us for your company's confidential documents. Our team will coordinate with you in expressing exactly what you want. Even the most complexjobs will be completed on time. We are also capable of accepting rush orders.
  • Interpretation Services:

    Interpretation means interacting through oral or sign language among users of different languages. Rus Consultants has a team of experienced Language Interpreters, whose services can be utilized for Delegations, Business Meetings, Indian Delegation, Seminars, Conferences, Events and Negotiations etc. We deliver interpretation services in almost all the languages of the world. Our interpreters will make your communications seamless and effortless. We can use discreet modules if you desire and can also translate phone conversations in real time via three-way dialing.
  • Proofreading Services:

    We offer proofreading services in all the major languages worldwide. All the proofreading projects are assigned to native translators, who are subject expert. We stick to quality and excellence norms and add value to your work. With the remarkable potential of contract out jobs in the area of proofreading, editing, and publishing of the text are done to guarantee and maintain demanding quality checks.
  • Content Writing Services:

    We also provide you better content for your website. Content writing aims for relevance and search-ability and is an important aspect of a website. A good content can make the way to success. We offer the best writing services for blogging, technical writing, SEO copywriting news writing and much more.
  • Apostille Services:

    we also provide authentication services for your translated legal documents. Any form of a legal document might require notarization; requires additional verification according to international standards, before it will be accepted by other countries. We take care of this procedure for our clients.
  • Web Localization:

    One of the best optimal way to take your business in foreign land is by enabling your website in different locales. Rus Consultant offer an effective translation of your English content and boost your chances of winning the confidence of foreign contracts. We offer web page translation to and from almost every language. Web localization service offers translation of all HTML tags and page text and support SEO services to make sure that search engines and indexed are written in the language of translation. The support facilitates the user who is searching on web for content in their native languages, they will surely hit your localized website. Our team of experienced translators (native speakers) are specialized in website translation and localization. Web localization is usually beneficial for someone dealing in-pharmaceuticals, import-export business,tourism, medical etc who are looking to expand into different countries.


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