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Expanding your business to foreign market will require interacting with foreign guests and clients. In some cases, the communication can be a major barrier. You may result in making them understand an altogether different intention. This may cost you huge in terms of business relations and rapport. The best solution to save yourself from such situation is to hire a reliable Interpretation service to provide such as Rus Consultants. We may assign you a reliable and qualified interpreter. This can make the conversation in the room smoother and effective. We have been providing high-quality interpretation services globally.


Consider us extensively experienced in interpreting almost every language. With the knowledge and the practical exposure that we already possess, we can ensure that you get accurate translations of what your guest or client is saying and convey your messages clearly to them in turn. The entire team is composed of native speakers in a variety of languages. All of them are considerably experienced as interpreters and translators. Some members of our team are domain experts. They also have the technical know-how and education to conduct meetings regarding engineering, mechanical, pharmaceutical conferences etc. Thus, chances of error are minimized. With Rus Consultants at hand, you can ensure that your business meetings are going in right direction.



Benefits of hiring us for Interpretation



  • Interpretation in multiple languages into English or other regional languages and in different formats. We also have knowledge of various dialects across India, which can ease the process of interpretation for you.
  • We can also conduct interpretation over phone conversations. This we conduct via a three-way telephone conference. It is of great use long distance business calls as it wastes no time and guarantees increased the productivity of the conversation.
  • We offer various discrete methods for interpretation. The client can choose the method of interpretation for their conferences, meetings etc.
  • We also provide support for Indian businessmen on trips to different parts of the country. Thus when you are on the go, you can focus on your business agenda without worrying about the language barrier. These on site interpreters are always dressed properly and conduct themselves professionally.
  • Depending on the nature of your business you can opt for interpreters who have experience in your domain. With an understanding of the technical aspects of your business, the interpreter will have no problems stating what you said clearly to your listener without making any errors.


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