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Flemish - European Languages

Flemish (Vlaams), also called Flemish Dutch (Vlaams-Nederlands), Belgian Dutch (Belgisch-Nederlands [ˈbɛlɣis ˈneːdərlɑnts]), or Southern Dutch (Zuid-Nederlands), refers to any of the varieties of the Dutch language spoken in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. The term "Flemish" is used in at least five ways.There are four principal Dutch dialects in the Flemish region (Flanders): Brabantian, East Flemish, West Flemish and Limburgish. The latter two are sometimes considered separate (regional) languages. Despite its name, Brabantian is the dominant contributor to the Flemish-Dutchtussentaal. The combined region, culture, and people of Dutch-speaking Belgium (which consists of the provinces of West Flanders, East Flanders, Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, and Limburg, and historically of Brussels) has come to be known as "Flemish". It is also used to refer to one of the historical languages spoken in the former County of Flanders.Linguistically and formally, "Flemish" refers to the region, culture and people of (North) Belgium or Flanders. Flemish people speak (Belgian) Dutch in Flanders, the Flemish part of Belgium. Among vowels is the diphthong "ou" / "au". (ou) as in bout (bolt) and (au) as in fauna is realized as [??u] in formal situations. In informal situations, the sound tends to be pronounced as [??u] or as a monophthong [???], depending on the dialect.The difference between short and long vowels tends to be quantitive instead of qualitative, especially in the influential Brabantic pronunciation.

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