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Awadhi - Indian Language

Awadhi (Devanagari: अवधी, Perso-Arabic: اودهي), also known as Baiswari or Kosali,a dialect of the Hindi dialect band, is an Eastern Hindi language. It is mainly spoken in the Awadh (also called asOudh) region of Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. Though its speakers are also found in Delhi,Madhya Pradesh,and Bihar. A mixture of Bundeli, Awadhi and Brij Bhasha is also spoken in the south of Awadh region which includes Kanpur and Allahabad area of Uttar Pradesh. It ranks 29th in the list of languages based on the number of native speakers globally according to the 2001 census.Today it is only considered as just a dialect of Hindi. Whereas, it was one of the two most significant literary dialect of Hindustani before the actual normalization of Hindi. Most significant works in Awadhi lanuage are the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (1575 A.D.), the Candayan of Maulana Da’ud, the Padmavat of Malik Mohammad Jaisi (1540 A.D.), Indravati by Nur Muhammad (1757 A.D.). Most of the North-Indian Hindu literature, including Chalisas such as Hanuman Chalisha, are written in Awadhi.

Geographical boundry Awadhi can roughly claim to be the language of the tract lying between Bareilly to Allahabad, north of the Yamuna river and south of Mahabharat range in Nepal, cornered by Etawah in south-east and Khalilabad of Basti Janpad in northeast. This makes Awadhi as the singly the most widely spoken dialect of Hindi.

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