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The Hague Convention of 1961 led to the Apostille treaty. According to this convention, the procedure f, r certifying legal documents was given. Any documents that were issued in any country which signed the treaty, once certified have to be accepted in any of the other signatory countries to the treaty. Effectively any legal papers issued in a country, regarding matters like birth certificates or diplomas and degrees etc., once they have undergone the necessary certification as under this treaty, they are accepted in most other countries without question.

This treaty was executed as it was realized that the world was ‘shrinking’ and now people were moving from one country to another on a regular basis. But with some countries refusing to accept certificates or documents issued in another country, it often led to a lot of chaos and confusion. There needed to be system in place to simplify and certify legal documents in one country, so that on moving to other countries, the documents would not need to undergo lengthy procedures for verification.

Thus the Hague Convention for Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents was held which laid down procedures and protocols. This called for an additional authentication of documents. When the documents were authenticated, then a certificate verifying this was issued. This certificate is accepted in all countries that have signed the convention including the UK, Australia, and the US amongst others.

Apostille Services we offer

  • Rus Consultants offers Apostille services for all your legal documents and certificates. The actual procedure involves a lot of documentation and submission of papers to various authorities. A minor error can delay your certification by months.
  • To avoid delay and the confusion that comes with trying to go through all the red tape, Rus Consultants undertakes to get you your apostille certificate at the earliest. With our experience in the field, we can assist to ensure that your documents received international certification. This is of great use to you, if you will be traveling abroad or if you enter into collaboration with foreign businesses. With a single certificate, all your documents will be accepted with ease by most countries. That way, the legality and the genuineness of your documents will not be questioned. All that you need to do; is to send us your documents and pay the appropriate fees and we will handle the rest for you. No running around, no confusion, no need to make repeated phone calls chasing up on your papers. It is kept simple and easy.
  • We can also send your documents to the centers in various countries. Almost all legal documents need to be certified. You will have to check to see if the country you will be moving to accepts the certificate.

For any queries regarding the Apostille certificate, feel free to contact us and tie up with us for your requirements.

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